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Zombotron 2

[Total: 63    Average: 4.7/5]

zombotron-2-time-machineAll good things must come to an end, and our mechanical zombie fighter from Ant Karlov's previous title went out just like the Wicked Witch of the East did... flattened like a pancake. To locate a way out of this undead nightmare, you must run and gun (and occasionally burst) your way through hordes of zombies and spider creatures in this physics-based zombie shooting extravaganza. The new man might not know what's going on, but your foes do and they are out for some new blood... Blood that is YOU!

Zombotron 2 still uses the same controls, but the renovated UI, added weaponry (like melee combat and assault rifles for starters!), and brand new spider enemy versions will help you forget all about it. The issue undoubtedly got turned up this time around, too, with wellness draining and your body exploding gruesomely from these new overbearing spiderlings and hazardous spitters. The later levels are riddled with such risk, but the game as a whole goes for a more RPG style progression. The action game star evaluations were ditched and the mission goals for each level were moved into a more global function that can be completed at your leisure. It may take away from the replay value a little, but it'll let you focus more on the hero's story and how the heck you are getting this blighted planet off. Trust me, the activity is nowhere close to being lost in this excellent sequel and fans of the first are certain to locate a buddy that is rotting in this zombie survival game.